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DreamPulze Role-based Mentoring              

Tired of learning sites with no focus, let the experts lead you to your career dreams on your terms.


When you are helped, you help others in a reverse mentoring pattern.


If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

                                                                                                                  – Isaac Newton


Mentoring is an indispensable part of personal and career development because mentoring enables one to see through the eyes of those who have gone ahead of us in certain areas of life or career. There are things one cannot learn from courses, training Videos or articles or even certification that only mentoring and coaching is able to unveil. To this end, DreamPulze has built a peer Level mentoring system that is designed to empower individuals with focused experiences that traditional learning approaches is unable to provide.

DreamPulze mentoring is interwoven into the innovative DreamPulze readiness system and is open to everyone for building soft skills and leadership competencies required for the role and career they desire.

Pick a Mentor today and FastTrack your journey to the career of your dreams!  Start Mentoring someone today to create the impact and credibility you need for that next big phase in your personal and career life!


DreamPulze Dynamic Technology Career Paths                    

Dream of a career in Technology, let’s get you started; your background doesn’t matter as much as your dreams do, so welcome onboard!

The biggest hindrance to starting a new career or venturing into Technology for non-tech professionals has always been “how and where to begin”. This is especially true for recent high school and college graduates who often realize that a large chunk of what they were taught in school doesn’t prepare them for the real world, especially in the ever-changing Tech space.

Similarly, the profile of the ideal Tech professional in today's world is highly discriminatory – focusing mostly on a person’s background in education or skillset. DreamPulze is saying “Not anymore”, the Tech world is open to everyone, whether educated or not, whether you have a background in science or not.

The DreamPulze Technology career pathing system is designed to enable individuals to pick and pursue a role in Technology regardless of their background, education or past affiliations.  On DreamPulze, what matters is your dreams and efforts, not your past; so bring your big dreams on board and let's fly together to Reality!


DreamPulze Talent Cohorts                                                                         

Your career is a journey of many jobs, many skills – various twists and turns, don’t go it alone, join one of our Technology career cohorts.

A job does not equal a career, neither does a skill; a career is a journey of many jobs, various skills, and numerous twists and turns. The technology landscape of today is dynamic than ever before – transforming and changing faster than any single individual can cope with; this has increased the need for collaborative learning and a support system. Content and certifications can only take you so far on your career journey, but the most effective and lasting knowledge is often obtained through collaboration, participation and observation.

Welcome to The DreamPulze Talent Cohorts, this is the worlds first community-based Talent incubation system that is drawn along career lines. Every Tech career area has an accompanying cohort on DreamPulze designed to enable people in that career area generate knowledge, share knowledge, participate in endeavours curated for their career area, and support the aspirations of each on their mutual career journey.

Simply put, the DreamPulze career cohort is your career family, alternatively, it is your Team for life. Join one today and experience the power of WE


DreamPulze Opportunities Hub                 

Tired of competing for Jobs in unstructured job sites with no results subscribe to the DreamPulze personalized curated Opportunities hubs.  RESUME – Not Needed

The Resume is Dead!  The DreamPulze dynamic career profile will replace that.

The current hiring system is chaotic and very reactive, and the proliferation of many unstructured job boards have exacerbated the problem. The role of the Job boards is primarily to allow recruiters and companies post their jobs and aggregate resumes for evaluation. They also attempt to match jobs with candidates that they don’t know much about, simply based on resumes and key word searches. This has led to a free-for-all chaotic system that is deeply unhelpful and discriminatory towards people without a wealth of information to present on their resume. Simply put, the current job boards connect recruiters and companies to the past while excluding the future Talents in each career area.

The DreamPulze curated opportunities hub is the first Talent marketplace to curate jobs based on role requirement and present them to individuals based on their readiness and suitability for the role. For the first time ever, companies can have access to a Job system that isn’t focused on a resume or the past but based on the actual readiness and suitability of everyone who has been curated and incubated for such role ahead of time. Users of the DreamPulze opportunities hub would mostly see jobs that there are best suited and ready for based on their actual role readiness score, while companies would only be presented with Talents who have been curated and cultivated for such roles ahead of time. Because DreamPulze takes the pain to evaluate the individuals and the jobs ahead of time, companies only get individuals who are ready for the job(with or without experience) and individuals only get job suggestions that they are ready for. Cutting down the time and cost of hiring, while leading Talents to the career of their dreams faster is at the core of this system and the resume has no place in this new innovative approach to talent acquisition.

DreamPulze = efficiency without the noise and chaos of job boards!


DreamPulze Technology Talent Incubator                               

Have no Technology experience, it doesn’t matter, we can make your Career Dreams happen

Experience only comes from doing, and people with experience today were once inexperienced. However, with the huge focus on experience as a means of evaluation when hiring, the current hiring system has consistently locked out a large portion of the Talent ecosystem (The hidden Talent world). The hidden Talent world is made up of High school seniors, college students, recent graduates and everyone who has no experience in the area they are intending to venture into. So, if you are a Network Engineer and you are attempting to become a Project manager, your experience might not directly translate into the new role you seek, therefore you are part of this world that DreamPulze is calling the hidden Talent world, and might find it difficult competing for the new role of your dreams.

The DreamPulze talent Incubator is the world’s first talent incubation and curation platform that is focused on incubating Talents for specific career roles with the sole purpose of bringing them to readiness and suitability for the new role they seek. As Talents go through our incubation system, they gain a data-driven “Readiness score” that is based on actual engagement and performance towards the role of their dreams. So, even if our Talents have no real-life experience in the role they seek, our multifaceted and immersive incubation process bakes a virtual experience of what it actually means to perform on the role they seek, so on day one, they are ready without further training or handholding.

Our Incubation process comprises of these seven integrated components: Role-based curated learning, role-based mentoring, Cohort Observation, Role participation, leadership and team skills, Practice and contribution, impact and gamification.

 In today’s world where competencies and technologies change so rapidly and skillsets are rendered obsolete faster than before, readiness has become even more important than experience. Readiness is about your current effort in preparation for the future, while experience exposes your past and might have nothing to do with your dreams or vision for your future.

DreamPulze is the first platform to showcase the real aspirations and future of individuals and their efforts towards their career that isn’t captured by certifications, training and current hiring systems.


DreamPulze Technology Career Readiness System                     

Want to switch between Tech careers, nothing to fear, let’s get you there

In today’s hiring environment, the focus on experience as a basis to determine who is suitable for a role is highly discriminatory towards a large portion of the Talent ecosystem. This practice has led to the exclusion of people without experience (high school seniors, recent graduates and people seeking to switch roles or career areas) – which we term “the hidden talent world(HTW)” from the radar of employers. The current practice poses a huge challenge for mobility and head start in today’s career world.

On the other hand, employers are paying so much to hire already-made Talent when they could tap from the pool of fresh talent to reduce both cost and time to hire. The excess focus on the past as a gauge for the future is not only flawed, it is discriminatory, therefore DreamPulze has built a remedy for it. The DreamPulze Talent readiness system is the world’s first dynamic role readiness algorithm that is designed to bring both experienced and inexperienced people on equal footing before potential employers and recruiters. This system evaluates and curates Talents based in the Technical and soft skills requirement of a role ahead of time, exposes their gaps and helps them update consistently even before there is any need for recruitment. So, when companies want to hire, individuals can show their readiness score as a means of proving their suitability for the role, even if they have no experience or background in that area.

People with experience in a role can present that when applying for a job, but individuals without a background or prior experience in the role or career area of their dreams should have a voice also, and the DreamPulze Readiness Score is going to be their voice.