About Us

About Us

The World's first Guided experience Platform

We are the world's first Guided Experience Platform that enables anyone to build experience in their dream job, so it makes it easier for them to get the job. Our proprietary Tech Talent readiness and experience modeling system is the first of its kind. Our platform builds and grows a pool of just-in-time talent whose real practical experiences have been modeled and verified for specific Tech jobs in high demand.

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Our Mission

To build a smart global talent ecosystem that curates competence and incubates talent for the jobs, opportunities, and companies of the future.

Our Approach

Our approach to is help people eliminate the greatest barrier to securing and keeping their dream jobs which is the lack of experience.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a person's future career opportunities should not depend solely on past jobs, but include project experience and verified competence in new roles. In addition, recruiters and hiring should have the opportunity to tap into fresh pools of talent that showcase people with newly verified experience.


Our Team

We Are a Dynamic Team with
Diverse experience