Corporate Hiring Managers

Hiring takes time, it is very expensive and there is no short cut to hiring the best. Additionally, the pool of available talents is shrinking because skills and competences are becoming obsolete faster than ever before.

Corporate Hiring Manager

With DreamPulze guided experience platform, companies and hiring managers can now build the talent of their dreams rather than continue to mine saturated job boards with little success.

Organizations have been investing in college hiring activities; this has been an effective way to continuously introduce fresh Talents into their workforce. But there are challenges with college hiring the way it is done today.

Secondly, it is expensive, and time consuming to execute college screening and hiring programs in individual colleges where a given company might be interested in hiring from.

The DreamPulze Talent modelling system has been designed to solve all the problems above by allowing companies to groom talents on our platform. These individuals follow our guided path to acquire experience in their dream job, while the hiring organizations monitors and measures their performance without any upfront commitments. This allows companies to model their next hire, so new employees can hit the ground running without further guidance or training. By extension, rather than investing lots of time and financial resources on college hiring process, companies can now use our platform to groom and monitor prospects to ensure that they hire only those with proven capacity to succeed in the job role.

Our platform will empower companies to attract and groom students from any college worldwide without instituting and executing expensive college hiring programs.