Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

DreamPulze services are self-explanatory. We also recognize that you might have some lingering questions. Below, we have listed some questions within our FAQ. If you have more questions, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

DreamPulze is the world's first Guided Experience platform that enables anyone to build real experience in their dream job, so it makes it easier for them to get the job. Our proprietary Tech Talent readiness and experience modeling system is the first of its kind, designed to build and grow a pool of just-in-time talent, whose real practical experiences have been modelled and verified for specific Tech jobs that companies are hiring for.

DreamPulze Guided experience system is not a traditional e-learning platform, it is designed to enable anyone gain experience in their dream job or career role, regardless of their knowledge or skills level.

DreamPulze is not a job board, it is a Guided experience platform with curated talent pools of individuals whose experience and competence for specific Technology jobs have been modelled and validated ahead of time, so that Recruiters and hiring managers can hire the best fit faster, and for less cost.

DreamPulze is not a traditional talent development platform, rather we are the first platform where anyone can acquire and model their experience for their job, so that it makes it much easier to get the job.

Guided Experience represents the unique approach and system that DreamPulze has designed to tackle the biggest barrier preventing millions of hardworking people globally from making life changing pivots into the high demand technology jobs and career domains. This is an integrated and multi-faceted system that enables anyone regardless of their background to acquire and model the Experience of someone in their dream job, so it makes it easier for them to prove their suitability for the job and gain the confidence of hiring managers and recruiters.

DreamPulze Guided Role-based Experience is modeled from seven tightly integrated components that represent the exact activities and deliveries of someone in a specific technology job. The Guided experience components which represent the competence profile of a specific job role includes the following:

  • Role-based Curated learning and validated knowledge.
  • Role-based Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring.
  • Role-based Cohort observation and Conversations.
  • Role-based Projects engagement execution and validation.
  • Role-based Leadership, coordination and team skills.<
  • Role-based content contribution and delivery.
  • Overall impact.

DreamPulze Experience tracker comprises of 5 cumulative levels which represents a person's activities on our platform and evidences their ability to execute and deliver on the job role that they are modelling themselves for. The system tracks an individual's execution against the 7 components listed above and analyses them to calculate their experience level for each Tech Job role. Because this is a guided platform, we enable our users to experience every aspect of their dream job in a systematic way that is sometimes impossible for those doing the job in real life to achieve.

DreamPulze Guided experience is real life experience; the only difference is that it is only our platform and it is guided not arbitrary - which makes it deeper and broader in many cases. Our platform can be used by people without experience to build experience from scratch, as well as people with experience in certain areas but others, to acquire and advance additional experience and competencies. DreamPulze Guided experience could be likened to Online Role Internship because it enables newbies to build competence and experience in a role they haven't held before.

DreamPulze aggregates and organizes talent by validating the person's competence for a specific role, whether or not they have held similar roles in the past, and presents them to recruiters and hiring managers with verifiable experience levels that confirms their competence, abilities and potentials for success in a specific Technology position or role.

Today's hiring process is broken and ineffective, because it focuses on a person's job history to determine who is suitable for a role, which discriminates against young people entering the workforce and people who want to break into the technology industry. The hidden talent world comprises of people without experience at all, as well as those with little or no experience in the role they are pursuing.

Our vision is to unlock the potentials of these individuals, mine and curate their abilities and empower them to pursue and achieve the career of their dreams using the DreamPulze readiness system.

DreamPulze unlocks the Hidden Talent world in four ways:

  • Talent Incubation - We provide a high-touch pathway for building the technical competence, leadership and team skills necessary to successfully compete for tech jobs in high demand today.
  • Experience Guidance - We guide individuals through experience levels based on role-based projects, mentoring, team engagements and knowledge acquired along the way.
  • Competence Validation - We validate the experience levels for individuals, so recruiters stop wasting time reading vague resumes and screening unqualified candidates.
  • Curated Talent Pool - We organize talent into role-based pools and dynamically track their experience levels so recruiters can instantly select qualified talent.

DreamPulze users are individuals seeking a position in the technology industry, but currently do not have experience in that specific role. Recruiters, staffing firms and companies use DreamPulze to tap into the Hidden Talent World and find just-in-time talent whose competence have been validated and can hit the ground running without further training or guidance.

DreamPulze will be available in beta in Q2 2020.

Individuals can use the basic DreamPulze service for free. A premium subscription with additional features will be available for a monthly fee. Paid subscriptions for recruiters, staffing firms and companies will also be available.