Independent Recruiters

Independent Recruiters

Independent Recruiters

Tired of lengthy Talent search on Job Boards with little success? use the DreamPulze curated Talent pool!

Hiring is a lengthy and complex process not just because companies want to hire the best, but because it takes time to find, vet, interview before hiring.

The problem is compounded by the unstructured nature of current job boards whose approach is to help companies cast a wide net without any focus, and then utilize unverified resume and user profile information for elimination. This approach is very reactive, backward-looking and excludes the people without stated years of experience which we refer to as "hidden Talents"; Not anymore.

The DreamPulze curated talent pool is the world's first Talent system with dedicated pools for each Tech career area - and contains only individuals whose knowledge and experience for a job has been validated ahead of time. Each Talent pool comprises of individuals curated, validated and groomed for specific careers and roles continuously, creating the level of focus and granularity not seen in traditional job boards.

For the First time, companies can gain insight into an individual's full spectrum of knowledge, competence and readiness for the role they intend to hire for even if the individual has never occupied that role before. Because each pool contains only role-based curated talents, companies are able to assess an individual suitability for a job prior to contacting them or accepting any resume - thereby cutting the time and cost of hiring significantly, while increasing their ability to hire only those who are truly and most suitable for the job.

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