Technology Learning Companies

Technology Learning Companies

Technology learning companies who partner with DreamPulze can extend their value proposition to their users by positioning Dreampulze as an extension of their offerings.

Technology Learning Company

The greatest barrier to getting a job in an area you have never worked in before is Experience. Unfortuantely, Certifications and Learning courses only help individuals build and test their knowledge, but not experience. Traditional training programs and e-learning courses are time based, and when participants are done, there is no guarantee that they will get their dream job immediately, so they need a medium through which they can build and sustain some experience in their dream job role.

The Challenge

Our Guided experience platform will enable individuals who have completed their learning programs to begin to build verifiable experience that will enable them to extend and sustain their readiness for their dream jobs.

The Strategy

The Dreampulze guided experience platform fills the verifiable experience gap that certifications and courses leave, which is the biggest issue facing every aspiring Tech professional today.