The static Resume is Dead! Our Dynamic Digital Resume!

The Resume Is Dead! Our Dynamic Verified Competence Profile Will Replace It

The static Resume is Dead! Our Dynamic Digital Resume!

The current hiring system is chaotic and very reactive, and the proliferation of many unstructured job boards have exacerbated the problem. The role of the Job boards is primarily to allow recruiters and companies post their jobs and aggregate resumes for evaluation.

They also attempt to match jobs with candidates that they don't know much about, simply based on resumes and key word searches.

This has led to a free-for-all chaotic system that is deeply unhelpful and discriminatory towards people without a wealth of information to present on their resume. Simply put, the current job boards connect recruiters and companies to the past while excluding the future Talents in each career area.

The DreamPulze curated talent hub is the first Talent marketplace to curate jobs based on role requirement and present them to individuals based on their readiness and suitability for the role.

For the first time ever, companies can have access to a Job system that isn't focused on a resume or the past but based on the actual readiness and suitability of everyone who has been curated and whose experience have been validated for such role ahead of time.

Our smart system ensures that users are only presented with jobs that they are best suited for - based on their actual role readiness score, while companies would only be presented with Talents who have been curated and cultivated for such roles ahead of time.

Cutting down the time and cost of hiring, while leading Talents to the career of their dreams faster, is at the core of this system and the static resume has no place in this new innovative approach to talent acquisition.

DreamPulze = efficiency without the noise, and chaos of job boards!


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